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Getting to your feet from a seated position doesn’t have to be difficult. Lift chairs are a great aid to improve safety, comfort and independence. Your local Sanford Health Equip team is here to match you to the right product for your needs.

Lift chairs look like an ordinary recliner but do so much more. They come with a power lifting mechanism that raises the chair up to easily assist you to a standing position.

There are three main options for lift chairs:

  • Two-position lift chairs, which have a moveable footrest and partial reclining backrest.
  • Three-position lift chairs, which can recline to three different angles.
  • Infinite position lift chairs, which offer the full range of recline, including a true sleeping position.

Lift chairs come in a variety of sizes, colors, fabrics and styles. Extra features can include:

  • Remote hand controls
  • Cup holders and snack trays
  • Storage pockets
  • Heat and massage functions
  • Lumbar support pillows

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Your local Sanford Health Equip team is ready to help you find the right products for your needs.

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